The six trends to copy from street style for Winter 2024

Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe with These Fashion-forward Trends


New York Fashion Week is renowned for being more of a show on the streets than the runways, where fashion enthusiasts show off incredible and inspiring looks. During this week the streets of the Big Apple are transformed into a bustle of unique and bold styles. The streetstyle trends seen at NYFW offer a wide range of easily replicable winter inspirations for next season. Among these trends emerge leather garments, a symbol of elegance and rebellion, large volumes that are reflected in oversized coats and statement bags, or Mongolian furs that add a note of luxury and softness to outfits. The women who walk the streets of the city do not give up style, opting for practical but visually impactful combinations that reflect their personality and creativity.

Suede confirms itself as a strong trend, as highlighted by an all-encompassing look consisting of a jacket and narrow trousers in brown suede with zip details. This look is worn combined with black leather accessories that give a touch of modernity. The soft, velvety texture of the suede adds an element of tactile interest, while the zip details add a touch of edge.

The use of black leather proves versatile and fascinating. Available in various garments, here wide palazzo trousers, with belt at the waist, elegantly underline the silhouette. Paired with a solid gray turtleneck, the trousers create a balanced contrast, giving the look an effortless elegance. Her short cream-colored fur creates a mix of styles that blend harmoniously, perfect for facing the cold winter streets.

The next street style trend to keep an eye on is definitely faux fur. In this case, the garment worn open and fluttering evokes a bohemian elegance that does not go unnoticed. Perfect to match with boots.

White continues to be a great choice for winter, and nothing beats the effect of a total white look. Wearing matching trousers, sweater and coat in this color creates a bright and fresh ensemble, perfect for contrasting the grey, dark days of winter.

Hats, such as flat caps or wool berets, have become a must-have for winter, not only for their functionality in keeping the head warm, but also for their distinctive style. They are characterized by their compact dimensions and neutral tones, which allow them to be easily combined with a wide range of winter outfits.


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