Breaking News: GTA 6 Trailer Leaked, Thrilling Gamers Worldwide

The real announcement of the GTA 6 game from Rockstar Games with the first trailer was leaked and delighted numerous players.

Insider Chris Marx shared with fans new information about the game Grand Theft Auto 6. On his social network page, Chris left a new message in which he said that the long-awaited announcement of GTA VI will take place soon – October 26, 2023. It is quite possible that Rockstar, along with the announcement, will also show the first trailer for the game GTA 6, which players dream of seeing. Many netizens received Chris Marks’ words with hope, considering that he has already made several accurate announcements about various games in the past. At the same time, other rumors previously appeared on the network indicating that the announcement of GTA VI would take place before the end of 2023.

It is worth noting that insider Chris Marks, in particular, gave accurate insights on games such as Dragon’s Dogma and Fable 4. However, some players waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6 note that the insider’s words should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, he previously stated that there would be no announcement of GTA 6 this year and said that the game would be shown sooner in 2024. Now Chris Marks names the exact date when GTA VI will be shown. In any case, the wait for October 26 is not long. Fans hope that Rockstar will still please them this year.


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