fresh training system in EA SPORTS FC Mobile.

Foundations of Training Before diving into the intricacies of training, let’s begin with the basics. Player progression is a fantastic means of boosting attributes and GEN (a player’s unique genetic code).

There are three primary avenues to achieve this:

  1. Progression: With each new rank, an athlete’s GEN increases by 1, accompanied by the acquisition of a Skill Point and a 5-level expansion of their maximum training level.
  2. Training: Elevate your athlete’s attributes by advancing their training level. This process necessitates the use of player elements, such as EXP.
  3. Skills: Utilize Skill Points to personalize and enhance your athlete by elevating specific attributes.

All forms of training are interconnected to help optimize your athletes’ attributes. Throughout this article, we’ll provide explanations backed by illustrative examples. Let’s get started!

Player Progression

Begin by selecting a player in your club and tapping the “Progression” button to advance their abilities. If you encounter a message stating that you have no eligible players, it means you lack duplicate players in your inventory or that their training is already complete.

To progress a player, you must employ duplicate versions of that player. It’s essential to use an identical version; in most cases, you cannot utilize a basic player item to enhance an Event player item.

For your convenience, a player’s rank is denoted by the color of the gem on their player element. The number of ranks is also visible in the Progress menu:

  • Level 1: Green
  • Level 2: Blue
  • Level 3: Purple
  • Level 4: Red
  • Level 5: Orange

Skill Points

Each time you attain a new Rank, you’ll receive a Skill Point. These points serve to enhance specific attributes of your selected players. Both Normal and Advanced Skills are available for each position. Whenever you invest a Skill Point, you increase a Skill’s level by 1. Normal Skills can reach up to level 3, while Advanced Skills can only progress by a single level.

Advanced Skills, accessible when you attain level 3 of a normal Skill, offer even more significant attribute boosts.

  • Basic GEN 74 and under: +1 in specific attributes for Normal Skills and +2 for Advanced Skills.
  • Basic GEN 74 to 84: +3 in specific attributes for Normal Skills and +6 for Advanced Skills.
  • Basic GEN 85 and over: +5 in specific attributes for Normal Skills and +10 for Advanced Skills.

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